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Funeral Services

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Please call the following folks in the given order:

Abdulghani Barre: 615-866-7743
Luseni Kromah: 615-474-8385
Tareq Shehadeh: 615-491-8100
Abdurahman: 615-474-5353
Ali Saleh:


The total cost will be $2500.

Check should be written to:

Islamic Center of Nashville and marked for Burial Services.

Important Addresses


(The place for washing and preparing the bodies for burial)

1421 4th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210


(The final resting place)

8256 River Road Pike
Nashville, TN 37210


Note: The Cemetry is about 7 miles west of ICN Bellevue Mosque. As you come towards the entrance, there are two driveways take the one to your left and go up the hill.