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Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) Graveyard & Funeral Services is a non-profit communityservice established in coordination with Al-Farooq Islamic Center to provide Islamic funeral and burial services to Muslims living in Nashville and surrounding areas.


Funeral Services: Al-Farooq Islamic Center, 1421 4 th Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee 37210
Cemetery: Islamic Center of Nashville Cemetery, 8256 River Road Pike, Nashville, TN 37209


Phone: 615-200-0755 (Dedicated Funeral Services phone line)

Funeral service cost:

$3500 (all basic material costs and services included; Headstone is not included). Prices are subject to change. Please visit for the most accurate

Instructions upon the death of your loved one

Call the ICN Funeral Services Phone line at 615-200-0755

Please leave a detailed message with the name and location of the deceased, the name and contact information of the family member, and the name and contact information of the discharge nurse at the facility. You will receive a call back to guide you through the rest of the process.

Inform the Hospital/Hospice that you have designated Al-Farooq Islamic Center as your funeral home

Al-Farooq Islamic Center, 1421 4th Ave South, Nashville Tennessee 37210. Please provide the ICN Funeral Services line 615-200-0755 as the contact number.

Complete the ICN Funeral Service Request Form and make online fee payment at

To comply with regulations and to ease the process of obtaining a death certificate, it is required to complete the Funeral Service Request Form accurately and have payment (by credit card, debit card, ACH/Electronic Check and PayPal) completed so that the ICN Graveyard & Funeral Services team can initiate the process.

Follow the instructions provided by the Funeral Director and ICN Funeral and Graveyard Services team,

regarding transportation, Ghusl (washing), Kafan (shrouding), Salat ul Janaza (congregational funeral prayer), and burial.