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Vision/Mission, Values, Constitution, and EC


A Masjid (place of worship) for the remembrance of Allah (God) SWT providing Islamic knowledge to the public and promoting Islam as a peaceful, tolerant and inspirational religion for future generations.


  • Exemplary religious services & activities
  • Professional management committed to serving the institution
  • An environment that promotes high levels of community involvement
  • Impeccable masjid facilities


  • Excellence through individual and collective diligent effort
  • Teamwork uniting us with a common vision even when there are different opinions
  • Commitment to fulfill our duties
  • Shura (consultation) at the core of our decision making process

Constitution & By-Laws

Executive Committee

  • Muneer Chaudhury
  • Navas Yoonus
  • Ansari Kassim
  • Jamshed Rahman
  • Khalid Akbar
  • Sadat Saadullah
  • Said Elsaid
  • Tahneem Ahmed
  • Tahseen Fatima
  • Rofiq Mehrani
  • Hossam Bahour
  • Jimmy Ardiansyah
  • Syed Hashemi
  • Md. Saifur Rahman
  • Ashfaq Memon

About ICNBM & Nashville Community


We provide a place where everyone can gather together to learn, reflect and worship. Women and men, children, the young and the old all joining in creating a united community and nurturing harmony between Muslims and the wider community.

Nashville Community

The Muslims in Nashville are well diverse with ethnic representations of over 30 countries. Yet, the community is quite cohesive, well organized, and closely tied together.

City of refugee immigrants

Begining 1970s the federal government began to settle Laotion refugees Kurdish,Somali and Sudanese immigrants followed in the ’90s Nashville has one of the largest Kurdish communities outside the Middle east.

City for Higher Education

Being “The Athens of the South” , Nashville’s academic institutions continues to attract a huge number of International students. Today Nashville hosts hundreds of international students from many countries including Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

City with growing Technology job market

Nation’s one of the top hospital management and healthcare IT hub. Nation’s second fastest-growing tech job market (Fortune Magazine, 2014 Dec ). Nation’s seventh fastest growing city (CNN Money 2014) Many transplanted young professionals in the community

History and Background


  • 10.6 Acre Land was purchased by ICN
  • Islamic School Founded


  • School’s Portable was converted to a Mussalla and Jamaath Fajr and Esha prayers started (current Esha atendance 20+ people)
  • School moved to a new building


  • Ramadan Taraweeh prayers started
  • (continues and last year attendance was ~120 people)


  • Monthly Family Dinner and Halaqa started (continues on month’s first Friday; now attendance is ~140 people)
  • Ramadan last 10 days Qiyam-ul-Lyl started (continued for the second year; attendance of ~40 people)


  • Jumuah Prayer continued through summer school breaks for the first time with increasing number of brothers and sisters(Attendance, +200)
  • 2014 (Summer Spring) School loan paid off by ICN
  • ICN Board Approved ICN-BM project