The ICN Bellevue Mosque (ICNBM) is a non-sectarian Islamic center whose fundamental task is education. Although the center does not align itself to a particular juristic school of thought, nevertheless, the center respects and honors the various juristic schools of thought within the parameters of traditional Islamic teachings. The center believes that Muslims and non-Muslims can authentically understand and appreciate Islam by understanding its teachings. The ICNBM understands that Islam is not simply a faith of confession, but a faith that strives for the betterment of the individual, as well as the society at large.

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Full-Time School 

Yes! ALHAMDULILLAH! We have an accredited FULL-TIME SCHOOL, that provides our children with the academic, emotional, social and spiritual growth they need - all in an Islamic environment. For More Information, please visit our Full-Time Islamic school website:

Islamic Weekend School  

The Islamic Center of Nashville offers an Islamic Weekend School on Sundays from 10 am - 1 pm at ICNBM campus, Nashville International Academy. 7335 Charlotte Pike, Nashville TN 37209.
Curriculums and Levels:
Level 1: This level will cover the five pillars of Islam, some daily used Muslim phrases, learning to read and write the Arabic alphabets with basic pronunciation (tashkeel), and memorization of two and up to five short Surahs, also there will be a little more emphasis on Wedu' and Salat.
Level 2: This level will cover in details the seven pillars of our faith, all aspects of Salah including Taharah, Wedu', Athan, Fardh, Sunna. This level will continue with short Surahs up to 14 short Surat from the Qura'n including memorization and meaning. Also the class will with the Arabic alphabet letters including writing and reading words with complete pronunciation.
Level 3: This level will continue with the pillars of our Faith/Iman (belief and worship) in details including Seyam, Zakah, and Hajj. Also this level will continue with Arabic reading and writing sentences, reading short Ayat from the Qur'an and memorization of short Surahs using Juzu' Amma. Also the class will include the life of our Prophet (S) and his Hadeeth.
Level 4: This level will advance to Arabic reading and writing paragraphs and reading Surahs with correct pronunciation and type of reading or tajweed. Memorizaiton of more Surahs will continue in this level using Juzu' Amma and Tabarak. For the Islamic studies, the class will study the life of our Prophet (S) and his Hadeeth, this level introduces the building of Islamic families and keeping them together. 
Note: Based on the number of interested parents/students, there will be a Pre-K class and a Qur'an Tajweed class. 
Afeef Al-hasan (615) 509-3137
Baseer Kabir (615) 924-9880

Welcome to Islamic Center of Nashville Youth page:

ICN YOUTH Programs/Classes: Regularly scheduled halaqa for both the youth boys and girls combined will take place from 12-1pm on Sundays at ICN.  Speakers for this program will include Dr. Fayaz Malik, Sheikh Ossama Bahloul, Sr. Sabina Mohyuddin, Sr. Hasina Mohyuddin, Br. Rashed Fakhruddin, among others. Dhuhr will be held at 1pm throughout the year beginning this Sunday to accommodate the programs. Service projects and socials will be coordinated between the YM programs and youth halaqas.

YOUNG MUSLIM SISTERS CHAPTER: YM Sisters is a national organization that seeks to address real-life problems and gives the support needed to live our lives as dedicated Muslim youth. At this age where temptations are on the rise and flagrant behavior encouraged, YM Sisters attempts to counteract these influences by challenging the youth to take the best of all paths in both this world and in the Hereafter.
Friday, 6pm-7pm YM Sisters YM Sisters will be having weekly Halaqas, Activites, Community Service & More. They will meet at 6pm at ICN on Fridays.
MIST Nashville: The Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST) is a fun, educational, interactive program of competitions and workshops bringing high school students together from around the nation. Please visit the website: MIST Nashville

Sisters Halaqa on Wednesdays

Islamic Center of Nashville at Noon (Wednesdays)

Nikkah (Marriage)

Nikah (Islamic lawful Life Sharing Contract)

Nikah is a great blessing and worship. In Sharia law Nikkah viewed as a contract by both parties agree to live as husband and wife in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Having a relationship outside the bond of Nikkah is totally prohibited in Islam and is a major sin.

According to Islam, both man and woman have rights over each other when they enter into a contract with the man serving as protector and supporter of the family from his means. Ensure you are ready for your Nikkah and fully aware of the consequences and responsibilities of Nikkah. Thus we encourage you to read up on this topic and make yourself aware of your responsibilities.

ICN is trying to establish a one-stop-shop for Burial Services. Please call the following folks in the given order:
(2) Luseni Kromah:      615-474-8385
(3) Tareq Shehadeh:     615-491-8100
(4) Abdurahman:          615-474-5353

(5) Khalid Chaudhary:  615-646-9074
Important Addresses:
Masjid-Al-Farooq: (The place for washing and preparing the bodies for burial)
1421 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37210
Cemetery: (The final resting place)
8256 River Road Pike, Nashville, TN 37210
Note: (It is about 7 miles west of ICNBM. As you come towards the entrance, there are two driveways take the one to your left and go up the hill)

Br. Rashed Fakhruddin, President of the Islamic Center of Nashville offers a free Islam 101 class to any group desiring to learn about islam. If you would like to schedule a visit to the Islamic Center of Nashville with your group and would like to participate in the Islam 101 program, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All Five prayers offered including Jama't for Fajar and Isha 
Two Juma prayers (12:45pm and 1:30 pm)

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