Full-Time School 

Yes! ALHAMDULILLAH! We have an accredited FULL-TIME SCHOOL, that provides our children with the academic, emotional, social and spiritual growth they need - all in an Islamic environment. For More Information, please visit our Full-Time Islamic school website:

Islamic Weekend School  

The Islamic Center of Nashville offers an Islamic Weekend School on Sundays from 10 am - 1 pm at ICNBM campus, Nashville International Academy. 7335 Charlotte Pike, Nashville TN 37209.
Curriculums and Levels:
Level 1: This level will cover the five pillars of Islam, some daily used Muslim phrases, learning to read and write the Arabic alphabets with basic pronunciation (tashkeel), and memorization of two and up to five short Surahs, also there will be a little more emphasis on Wedu' and Salat.
Level 2: This level will cover in details the seven pillars of our faith, all aspects of Salah including Taharah, Wedu', Athan, Fardh, Sunna. This level will continue with short Surahs up to 14 short Surat from the Qura'n including memorization and meaning. Also the class will with the Arabic alphabet letters including writing and reading words with complete pronunciation.
Level 3: This level will continue with the pillars of our Faith/Iman (belief and worship) in details including Seyam, Zakah, and Hajj. Also this level will continue with Arabic reading and writing sentences, reading short Ayat from the Qur'an and memorization of short Surahs using Juzu' Amma. Also the class will include the life of our Prophet (S) and his Hadeeth.
Level 4: This level will advance to Arabic reading and writing paragraphs and reading Surahs with correct pronunciation and type of reading or tajweed. Memorizaiton of more Surahs will continue in this level using Juzu' Amma and Tabarak. For the Islamic studies, the class will study the life of our Prophet (S) and his Hadeeth, this level introduces the building of Islamic families and keeping them together. 
Note: Based on the number of interested parents/students, there will be a Pre-K class and a Qur'an Tajweed class. 
Afeef Al-hasan (615) 509-3137
Baseer Kabir (615) 924-9880

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