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[Al-Imran 3:103]

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ICN Bellevue Mosque Project

Project Site

Constructed on ICN's 11-acre property located at 7337 Charlotte Pike in the Bellevue community, Nashville, TN 37209
New building will be constructed on the east side of the existing Islamic school
Planned development will occur in two phases
Phase I - Mosque
Phase II – Multipurpose Building/Gym


Phase I: Mosque

  • 6,350 sq. ft with dome and minaret
  • 3,200 sq. ft. prayer hall with an attached two level lobby (unfinished lower Level)
  • 450 people occupancy
  • Admin and Imam's offices
  • Increased parking to 146 vehicle

Phase II: Multi-purpose building/Gym

  • 10,620 sq. ft. single story
  • Youth activity room/Cafeteria
  • High school size basketball court
  • Commercial kitchen
PRAYER TIMINGS Update On : 10-05-2019
Prayer time at Musalla
Sunrise 5:43 am
Fajr 4.25 am
Fajr 4:45 am
Dhuhr 12.44 pm
Dhuhr 1.30 pm
Asr 4.31 pm
Asr 6.00 pm
Maghrib 7.42 pm
Maghrib 7.52 pm
Isha 9.02 pm
Isha 9.15 pm
Jumuah 12:45 pm 1st Jumu’ah
Jumuah 1.30 pm 2nd Jumu’ah