1. Purpose and Philosophy

The ICN Bellevue Mosque (ICNBM) is a non-sectarian Islamic center whose fundamental task is education. Although the center does not align itself to a particular juristic school of thought, nevertheless, the center respects and honors the various juristic schools of thought within the parameters of traditional Islamic teachings. The center believes that Muslims and non-Muslims can authentically understand and appreciate Islam by understanding its teachings. The ICNBM understands that Islam is not simply a faith of confession, but a faith that strives for the betterment of the individual, as well as the society at large.

2. Rejection and Condemnation of Violence and Terrorism

The ICNBM is firmly committed to the active prevention and eradication of violence, terrorism, religious extremism, sectarianism, and religious intolerance. The center wishes to reaffirm that it rejects and condemns the teachings of all national and international organizations that perpetrate hate, intolerance, violence and terrorism in the name of Islam.

3. Racial Equality

The ICNBMis committed to the prevention of ethnocentrism, racism and nationalism that remains prevalent in parts of our society. To prevent these oppressive manifestations of idolatry and discrimination, the ICNBMis firmly committed to fostering a diverse and loving community open to all races and nationalities. The ICNBM recognizes the historical and unique significance of all cultural practices, inasmuch as they are not dissimilar with the core theological teachings and religious practices of Islam.

4. Religious Tolerance

The ICNBMis committed to a program of theological and religious education that enables Muslims to become law-abiding and peace-loving residents or citizens of the United States of America. It seeks to familiarize attendees with the importance of interreligious dialogue, religious tolerance, spiritual formation and religious commitment. The center acknowledges the special historical and religious relationship between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and is firmly committed to the respect of all other faith traditions and their religious practices. The center is also committed to educating its attendees and visitors on the importance of religious tolerance by adopting neutral and respectful language towards other faiths.

5. Accountability

The ICNBM requires its board members, employees, attendees, its educational and spiritual enrichment programs to honor and respect all of the aforementioned commitments, as well as the policies and regulations set forth by ICN's Board . The ICNBM reserves the right to take necessary preventative and disciplinary measures against any effort to undermine and violate these commitments.

Our vision and mission


A Masjid (place of worship) for the remembrance of Allah (God) SWT providing Islamic knowledge to the public and promoting Islam as a peaceful, tolerant and inspirational religion for future generations.


  • Exemplary religious services & activities

  • Professional management committed to serving the institution

  • An environment that promotes high levels of community involvement

  • Impeccable masjid facilities


  • Excellence through individual and collective diligent effort

  • Teamwork uniting us with a common vision even when there are different opinions

  • Commitment to fulfill our duties

  • Shura (consultation) at the core of our decision making process